The Latest News on DACA Litigation and Court Decisions:

Mano a Mano continues to process DACA renewals, but is not yet processing new DACA requests while we wait for further guidance from USCIS. If you believe that you are eligible to request DACA for the first time, we recommend that you start collecting the required documents so that when/if USCIS accepts new applications again- you are ready to go.  Below are lists of documents that you can start to collect to prepare for your DACA application.  

Please note: these lists are provided for information purposes only and are not intented to be legal advice to a specific case. By accessing this list, you are not guaranteed eligibility for DACA and Mano a Mano is not your legal representative.

   DACA Eligibility Requirements & Documents (English) Requisitos y Documentación para DACA (español)


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